Complete Mapping Specialists

Our professional mapping service specialises in the creation of Hazard Maps under our registered trademark OSHMAP®.

As experienced GIS (Geographic Information System) and Mapping Specialists we are able to provide maps covering a wide variety of subject matter in many formats including factory and site-layouts.

Additional services we can provide for farms include ground-cover, soils, LUC, groundwater, stock and crop rotations, and emissions.  

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

Why do I need a Hazard Map?

If a picture

 is worth a thousand words......


A map  

.......is worth many more! 

Are you confident that you will always remember to warn visitors, contractors and/or farm workers of every potential hazard that they could encounter on your property? 

There is no quicker or more effective way of ensuring that this knowledge is imparted fully in every instance than through a comprehensive map of your property.

We will provide you with a comprehensive digital map.

This can then be used in whatever manner you desire, from a professionally printed sign or a laminated copy to display at your entrance, or it can be provided as required digitally to print and distribute to contractors, employees etc. This will ensure that they are made fully aware of any risks that you have identified.

As GIS (Geographic Information System) professionals we are also able to provide our product in a format compatible with most existing GIS based farm management systems.

The following is just one example of an OSHMAP® 

This is a large format map of a small equestrian establishment (approx. 2.5ha), with one area zoomed in to highlight it in greater detail.


Click on map to enlarge

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