Complete Mapping Specialists

How OSHMAP® Works

This is a big change for OSHMAP®!

We can now complete a number of types of land maps very economically, directly from our spatial imagery, eg those showing fenclines, paddock areas, numbers and names etc.. If this is the only service requested, no farm visit is required, and your maps can be dispatched in a short time frame - usually within two weeks of order.

Watch this video for a quick overview of our map-making process:


For all hazard maps, we now provide personal consultations to complete the following exercise.

1.       An effective rural/farm safety program begins with a hazard identification and safety assessment.

To assist you in identifying hazards we provide you with a draft OSHMAP™ Hazard Register. This initial register lists most of the potential hazards likely to be found on your type of property. It is a partially completed register with several columns left blank for your individual input and comments. 

You will also receive an aerial image of your property on which you will locate these relevant items/structures from the Register.  At the same time you will add any notes/comments specific to your situation.

2.       The assessment requires your existing knowledge to provide a basis for critical thinking, conversation and reflection.

The documentation/mapping exercise can be done with children or other family members, or used as a tool for employees to heighten safety awareness.  You should take the time to ask questions and discuss issues such as why certain items are in their specific locations.  Locate all the danger zones and off-limits areas (especially for children), and discuss any changes that need to be made. Once recorded on your draft Register, we will incorporate physical feature locations on your personalised OSHMAP™.

3.        The primary benefit of our hazard identification process is that awareness should assist in reducing rural/farm injuries and fatalities.

It is also a valuable step towards demonstrating due diligence.

4.        The completed package to your specifications will be delivered to you. The map can be displayed anywhere you choose indoors or outdoors.  You may display several copies in key locations, or share the electronic PDF file with contractors and staff.

Everyone who should be familiar with your farm layout WILL BE.