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Buying Health and Safety Advice

As WorkSafe’s Agriculture Programme Manager, Al McCone, says in his Article on 28th June, "while many farmers will want to get consultants in to give them expert advice, there is no single product or document that is a silver bullet for farm safety.
“Farmers should make sure that they’re not simply going to get a folder or piles of forms someone else has done for them. That won’t make their farm any safer. What they actually need is a way of building a health and safety culture into farm activities and constructing a really effective culture of involving everyone.”
There’s no substitute for the unique knowledge the farmer, family and workers have of the land, its terrain, its facilities and day-to-day operation, says Mr McCone. “What’s most important is everyone on farm thinking about the risks and managing them so everyone stays healthy and safe. When everyone is involved there is a positive impact on other parts of the business.”
Read the full article here: http://www.business.govt.nz/worksafe/news/releases/2016/buying-health-and-safety-advice
Let OSHMAP assist you, your family and workers in identifying risks on your property.

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